Kenai Streambank
Habitat Restoration Program

Working together to protect and sustain our local shorelines and natural habitats.

Are you a private landowner or public land manager?
Learn more about how you can participate in our habitat restoration and protection efforts.

Committed to preservation

Kenai Soil & Water Conservation District, Alaska Department of Fish and Game, and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service have been long-time partners in working to rehabilitate, protect, and sustain streambank habitat on the Kenai Peninsula.

How we’re doing it

Financial incentives for landowners have been established to help protect and preserve the salmon population and local stream and river habitats for generations to come.

Does your river or stream bank qualify for help?

Educational programming is cooperatively implemented to help communities of the Kenai Peninsula understand the vital role they play in the health and stability of fish and wildlife habitat.

Do you have a group interested in learning more about streambank health on the Kenai Peninsula?

Ways we are making a difference


Planting native vegetation and hydroseeding river and stream banks.


Installing Elevated Light Penetrating (ELP) walkways and platforms.


Installing brush layers, coir logs, trenched willows, and cabled Spruce trees.


Educational outreach and training for local schools and outdoor enthusiasts.


Protecting our streambanks
benefits everyone

Local landowners

A more stable streambank protects your land from erosion, boat wakes, and helps to protect and sustain the local salmon and waterways.

Fish & wildlife

When streambanks are healthy and lush, salmon have more protection from predators, more insects for food, clean spawning gravels, and more.

Our community

Maintained streambanks not only help to preserve the local salmon and fish, but they also look better, filter out pollutants, and slow potential flooding.

Rehabilitation and preservation
Learn more about how you can participate in the Kenai Peninsula habitat restoration and protection program by contacting our program facilitators.

Working together to protect
our rivers, fishes and wildlife

The Kenai Streambank Restoration and Protection Program is jointly administered by the United State Fish and Wildlife Service, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, and the Kenai Soil and Water Conservation District.

US Fish and Wildlife Service



U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
1849 C Street, NW
Washington, DC 20240

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Alaska Fish & Game



Alaska Dept of Fish and Game
Division of Sport Fish, Research and Technical Services
333 Raspberry Rd.
Anchorage, AK 99518

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Kenai Soil & Water



Kenai Soil & Water Conservation
District 110 Trading Bay Rd
Suite 160 Kenai, AK 99611

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Streambank Restoration Workshops
Each year, the Kenai Streambank Restoration and Protection Program cooperators administer a FREE two-day workshop where community members can learn about restoration techniques used on the Kenai Peninsula. Request more info at the button below!
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